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Automating business processes and thereby eliminating repetitive tasks, means more time for your core business.

Digital Business Support

Combining the best mix of digital and human business support within the fields of accounting, finance, legal and HR.

Digitalisation of Workplaces

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Enabling a true digital transformation in your company for the most effective digital co-working experience in the market.

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About us

In 2016, long before "working-from-home" was the new normal, our vision was to develop a seamless digital co-working platform for communication, co-operation and knowledge sharing. Coming from the world of legal and financial advising and accounting, we were keen to challenge the existing structures and business models of an industry made for big corporations with huge budgets.
We've continued to develop disruptive, innovative solutions ever since and made professional services accessible to all. We've helped clients through the digitalization phase and freed up their time and money.
Today we offer numerous digital and human based services such as accounting, automated HR-processes, IT-services and legal advice on Cooach Workplace hosted on Slack. We're a network of over 100 business Cooaches and gig-consultants working to help our clients grow.
In 2021 - following the rapid digitalization of workplaces worldwide - we put our various business solutions into four different enterprises and formed Cooach Group.

Our businesses

COOACH Business Support

Cooach Business Support offers a combination of digital and human business support within finance, corporate law, HR and business development.

Our expert network consists of about 100 advisors who are geographically dispersed but have a common digital workplace at Cooach Workplace. Our customers are primarily smaller listed companies and companies with international growth in need of our growth advice.


Cooach Customer Experience measures customer experiences in your company’s most important sales channels. Improvements are suggested leading to increased sales and improved customer satisfaction.

Our network has 1,500 anonymous customers and sub-consultants. Our customers are mainly B2B customers within retail, automotive and real estate. However, we do perform B2C measurements in several consumer industries as well.


Cooach Workplace is the core of our business – a digital workplace on Slack user interface. All customers, partners and coaches are connected to the Cooach Workplace. Here you will also meet Cooachbot – your personal, digital business advisor.

Cooach Workplace is like any other workplace, only more crowded, more efficient and completely digital.

logo Quick office

Cooach Workplace runs a Quick Office franchise in Fuengirola. 

Here, we keep part of our backoffice; provide a workplace for entrepreneurs in Costa del Sol, and welcome partners as well customers for both shorter and longer stays. Combine work with a little free time in an energizing environment. 

So next time you’re in Fuengirola, come visit us!

Our customer stories

Quartiers: The Going Public Story

Quartiers Properties is a Swedish property developer listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market. Their business runs out of Spain. The company has quickly built up a property portfolio to a value of EUR 80 M with sales reaching SEK 93 million.
The challenge for Quartiers was both operational, as a result of rapid growth, as well as cultural when establishing in Spain. Quartiers also needed legal advice when going public.  
Cooach solved the need by ensuring that the requirements for financial reporting and compliance at all levels were met. Our experts have assisted with financial information prior to the IPO, interim reports and preparation of annual reports in accordance with IFRS.
The result achieved is that Quartiers now has a financial reporting process in place, with defined roles and areas of responsibility. Cooach provides group consolidation software and is responsible for converting Spanish accounting to IFRS. Cooach is responsible for on- and offboarding of users in Cooach Workplace (through Slack) and continues to automate processes whenever possible.

Radio Innovation: The Business Support Story

Radio Innovation specializes in R&D, design, marketing and sales of total website solutions in rural areas with the premise of “connecting the unconnected”.
The challenge for Radio Innovation was to establish a professional and cost-effective finance- and accounting function to support the commercialization phase.
Cooach solved the need by appointing a Business Coach, Björn Petersson, and in just a couple of weeks get a complete accounting function up and running. Cooach has also provided legal advice until the company hired its own legal staff.
The result achieved is cost-cuttings of more than half the cost for a strategic CFO, a flexible and cost-effective accounting solution that is not outsourced to third parties. But best of all – the company has freed up resources to focus on the next step in the commercialization phase, production.

"With our Business Cooach Björn we got the best CFO possible, but also cut our costs in half and freed up time for our core business."

Dusyant PateL,
Radio Innovation

Tecken & Tolk: The Digitalisation Story

Tecken & Tolk is a leading provider of services in sign language and deafblind interpretation. It is a distributed organization with both employees and subcontractors performing interpreting assignments on demand.
The need for Tecken & Tolk arose when the company faced difficult strategic decisions on how to further develop their in-house booking software.
Cooach solved the need by breaking out certain parts and functionalities in the software and using the standard applications Slack and MaxPA for communication and handling of salaries. The development of the software could focus on key-aspects crucial to the core business – coordinating assignments and creating invoice data for export to Fortnox. Tecken & Tolk also became one of the first pilots in Cooach Document Robot.
The result achieved is that the company now has a complete solution for the entire process – from booking assignments to salary payment and invoicing. But Cooach is more than a partner in digitalisation. The solution has contributed to the:

  1. Overall development and digitization of the company
  2. A single digital platform for all communication
  3. A workflow for the internal booking unit
  4. Monthly reporting
  5. Management support in various projects
  6. HR functions such as employment contracts using Cooach Document Bot

"Cooach has always adapted its services to our real needs. We have brought the organization together in a completely new way. Cooach helped me become a better CEO by introducing a method for setting and measuring strategic goals.


We have offices in 3 countries

Spain, Poland and Sweden

We are 100 experts

in digital co-working and business support services, both human and digital

We are four enterprises

helping clients free up time and money to focus on their core business

Board Members

Tomas Dreifaldt

Chairman of the Board since 2021 and founder of Intermezzon - a pioneer in digital sales and leadership training.

Cecilia Hjertzell

Board member since 2021 and CEO of Sjöstrand Coffee, listed on Spotlight. A digital strategist with experience from both the industry and the consulting world.

Ulrika Strömberg

Board member since 2020 and also board member in numerous private and public companies. Ulrika's background is in the financial sector as well as an entrepreneur.

Christina Morander

Board member meeting since 2017 and finance manager at tech company Addlife listed on Nasdaq. Background in accounting with many years as an authorized accounting consultant.

The Management Team

Carl-Fredrik Morander, CEO

Carl-Fredrik is the founder of Cooach. Carl-Fredrik has established several businesses in professional services in several countries. Carl-Fredrik is also an advisor to owners and management in growth companies.

Fredrik Carlqvist, CFO

Fredrik has a background as CFO and administrative manager in large companies. For the past 10 years, Fredrik has primarily supported entrepreneurs as a CFO consultant.

Katarzyna Podlejska,
CEO Cooach CX

Katarzyna has a background in the retail sector with senior positions in a number of international chains.

Jimmy Styrlin, CMO

Jimmy is a specialist in digital communication, SEO and complex web projects. Jimmy has started and run several companies in the internet industry since the early 2000s.

For investors

6 reasons to invest in Cooach Group

Cooach Group already runs profitable enterprises with happy clients today. But what enables expansive growth tomorrow, is your investment in the business coach “Cooachbot 1.0”. A “Bot-as-a-Service” that gives SMEs better support functions in, for example, law and finance. 

Invest in a huge market and help change an industry in the need of disruptive innovation. Do you want to be involved in clearly improving an industry by investing in Fintech services that significantly improve the lives of millions of entrepreneurs as early as next year? Thought so.

Invest in a company ready for growth. Not all businesses have the organizational prerequisites for rapid growth. Cooach Group does. A key element of our business model is the network of global business partners and affiliated partners. A partner model enables rapid expansion while ensuring expansion capacity.

Cooach is a one-stop-solution. This is where clients can turn for all their digital co-working and business support needs.  We automize processes and digitize operations leaving more time for core business.

By investing in Cooach, you invest in numerous niche applications providing unique, tailor-made business support functionality to clients. All our solutions are co-created with our customers. Maybe that’s why they are so pleased with us.

Your investment is important to us. That’s why we’ve put together a board and management team including only the best within the fields of digital innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, digital communication and accounting. All with the same drive and goal – to develop Cooach and secure a high ROI.

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